Pastor Mark’s Musings


          In Brennan Manning’s “The Importance of Being Foolish- How to Think Like Jesus”, he talks extensively about the relationship between the human creation and God and how important that communication and relationship truly is for the existence of culture and religion.  He says this, “If we want to think as Jesus did, we too must break through our illusions of separation from others.” 

Over the course of the past several months our world has been set in motion to separate one from another.  Race against race, occupation against occupation, political party against political party, churches against churches, and the list continues.  We as the church, the gathered community of believers, is not only beckoned, but commanded by God to set in union with each other.  That is difficult for most of us to do, at least all of the time.

Over the course of a lifetime we have struggled as Christians to put ourselves into that mindset and in that way of living.  Some have done it better than others but we are all called to do just that.  Through prayer, we find our starting spot for this journey.  Learning how to pray in a variety of ways has been our education, whether through Centering Prayer, Communal Prayer, Private Prayer and Meditation, along with many more we strive to find that oneness with God and humankind.

Over the next several weeks and hopefully longer, we are asking that you share a prayer with us as a community of faith.  We will list it here on the website as well as send it out via One Call and Facebook, we are calling this ministry “Share-A-Prayer”.  If you are so led to do this, please contact Lou Ann in the office or by email, the same for Pastor Mark and we will work out the details to obtain your prayer and distribute it for the week.

Please be on the look out for this week’s prayer within the next day.  Please understand, this can be your personal prayer for the world or someone else’s prayer that has spoken to you.  *This is not for personal prayer requests-Those can be directed to Lou Ann or Pastor Mark for appropriate distribution. 

I hope you will take advantage of this “Share-A-Prayer” and let God’s people be heard!!

Sincerely in Christ,

Pastor Mark

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