Pastor Mark’s Musings

Dear New Hope Family of God,

The Sun is shining, the weather is beginning to cool and life is good! At least from the perspective of a midwest boy who loves the fall and truly loves the winter! Just because I love it, doesn’t mean that I wish it upon those around me who despise the snow, the ice, the or cold temperatures, for surely someday they will learn.

But with the newness of fall, the colorful leaves, and eventually the bare branches comes the joyful thought that maybe, just maybe 2020 will come to an end. Yet even with that type of certainty we don’t have any idea what 2021 will bring our way. But as people of faith, we will remain strong in all that we say, in all that we do, and all that we don’t do. We hope and pray we don’t see another virus, we will strive to do what Wesley reminded us, “do no harm”, and seek the light of Jesus in everything we do. We have our work “cut out for us”. But I believe here at New Hope we have the vision to do great things in the remainder of 2020 and 2021.

Over the next several months, the Church Council will be examining some long-term goals for New Hope with some exciting projects at the helm and I will be featuring some of them beginning in late December. One of the steps we have taken in 2020, is to hire Mari Ed Vickers as our Director of Youth Ministries. Besides being my wonderful wife, Mari Ed is trained in Psychology and Human resources from Elon University, she holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Counseling from NC A & T University, and is Certified in Christian Education and Youth Ministry from Pfeiffer University. She joins us after 6 years of experience in youth ministry in the Western North Carolina Annual Conference. Mari Ed will be posting a video here on the website in the next few days introducing herself and some of the vision she has for the youth at New Hope.

Communication is critical in these days of “distance worship” and “distance gathering” so please read through the website for upcoming events and happenings this fall and winter.

Let us continue to support one another in our prayers as we move through this time of transition and quickly approach the end of what has been a year like no other.

In the mercy of Jesus I bid you a great day and week!

Pastor Mark

In the Name of Jesus Christ,

Pastor Mark

Kimberly Logan’s prayer:

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