Pastor Mark’s Musings

Pastor Marks New Year Reflections 2021

     The pandemic and COVID-19 are still among us. We have been challenged to do church in a way none of us ever thought we would do. We have been challenged to interact with people; your pastor and your congregation namely, but life still continues on for us that are reading this letter.

Here, at the beginning of a new year, 2021, I call your attention to starting with the utmost desire to fulfill your Christian commitment.  In John Wesley’s Covenant Service the first two lines require our concentration in getting out of the starting block for 2021, Commit yourselves to Christ as his servants. Give yourselves to him, that you may belong to him.   With these words we embark on yet another journey to remind ourselves and those around us that we are servants of the living Christ and what we do follows those deeds.

We have begun this journey already here at New Hope by praying for those around us who are in need, who are sick, poor, hungry, and disenfranchised.  We will continue with these prayers but also with action.  Your 2021 Church Council will be meeting on January 16th to begin to map out the strategy, objectives, and goals as we examine the nuisance of the pandemic but also look at the positive areas that we can continue to be the Church.  We will spend three hours planning, goal setting, and implementing what God leads us to do as a church in the new and uncertain times.  We will evaluate where we have been and where we see God leading us.  As part of the connectional church, I want to encourage you to speak to your leadership for 2021 if God is speaking to you about an area of ministry we might engage in, ways to enhance the ones we are already engaged in, and what God has on your heart.  Your Church Council is not here just for themselves and their ideas, but to help facilitate what “you” as the church need to be.  So, please reach out to your leadership, to me as your pastor and pick our brains before January 16.

As we embark on 2021, I ask for your prayers as your pastoral leader.  This is not just a two way street between God and me, but an inclusion of all of God’s people and how we interact together.  Undoubtedly, 2021 will present many challenges so it will take all of us to address those challenges.  Therefore, it is exciting to be in ministry with all of you as we begin 2021 together and Commit ourselves to Christ as his servants

Sincerely in Christ,
Pastor Mark

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