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Dear friends in Christ,

May the Peace which transcends all understanding and the abundant Grace of our creator God be with you.

I felt God’s call on my life as a young teenager and was moved to serve Him in a local church in my community in Harrisburg, PA.  I was driven by the burning desire to share the Good News that I knew will make a difference in their lives.  When I saw the Cross with the Flame in Derry St United Methodist, I knew this was the church I wanted to be a pastor of.  A church that cares, a church that understands the need of people.

Our Social Principles are driven by grace, love, and a desire to serve the marginalized and those who are rejected and invisible in our society.  All I saw around me were people who felt trapped by addiction, pain, loneliness, and brokenness.  I visioned my church as the beacon of light in the darkness of my surrounding.  A church that can identify with the community.

It is a blessing for me to serve at New Hope UMC.  New Hope has various ministries which are focused on serving the marginalized, the poor, and the people that represent our community.  I am passionate about sharing the message of Love, and the redeeming grace and hope of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  The doors of New Hope are open to anyone who wants to have a relationship with our loving God and creator.

Come and be part of something new at New Hope!

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